TMG refers to the tissue that is used to reconstruct the breast after breast cancer ablation (amputation) or after partial breast removal and that is harvested from the inner side of the thigh. The initials TMG stand for transverse myocutaneous gracilis flap, meaning that the gracilis muscle will be together with its transverse overlying fat and skin tissue harvested. Furthermore, this procedure, although not similar to a perforator flap procedure, causes similarly to it ,after the harvest of the long, slender gracilis muscle, no functional, gait pattern or load-carrying capability alterations. The tissue is harvested through a t- forming about 7 cm long cut from the inner side of the thigh leaving therefore a barely noticeable scar. This procedure is ideal for breast reconstruction and restoration in very thin patients where a larger donor volume ( abdominal flap) is not required. The connection of the vessel pedicles (an artery for oxygen-rich blood and a vein for the removal of oxygen-poor blood) is performed on the chest wall after removal of preexisting scars. The microsurgical connection takes place using a surgical microscope either through the creation of a small window on the rib or even between ribs and thus leading to a certain in-growth of the flap on the chest wall.

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