Flexor and extensor tendons

As a Department of Plastic Surgery with Handsurgery in Berlin the treatment of tendon injuries are part of our acute and elective programs. Here are included tendon cuts as well as alterations caused be chronic processes of the tendons ( from rheumatic diseases, inflammations etc.).

Ring ligaments (A1-pulley)

An inflammatory process or an overexertion can lead to a “clamping” of the flexor tendons at the area of the ring ligaments of the hand. The resulting trigger or “snapping” finger can be treated by cutting the ring ligament (A1-pulley) and releasing the tendon. This is an outpatient procedure and requires only a local anaesthesia.

Ulnar collateral ligament – Skier’s thumb

The ulnar collateral ligament of the thumb can be stretched or even torn through overextension. This leads to a condition known as skier’s thumb. The following chronic instability can lead to an early wear out ( arthrosis) of the joint. In order to avoid this and to reestablish joint stability, the injury should be reconstructed and the ligament repaired. It may be imperative to reconstruct the ligament through the use of tendon transplants when the injury occurred a very long period ago.

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