Regional flaps originate from  the same injured body region but do not  lay immediately next to the defect or wound. The regional flaps are maneuvered about a pedicle and transposed across intervening tissue while retaining their vital blood supply. A classic example of such a regional flap in Plastic Surgery is the  Foucher flap. This flap consists of skin and connective tissue originating from the dorsum of the index finger retaining its arterial (inflow of oxygen rich blood supply) and venous (outflow of oxygen poor blood) blood supply. This flap can cover ideally traumatic defects of the back of the thumb. It is also possible in this case to integrate nerves in the flap so that sensory deficits of the thumb are also restored. The donor area when required, can then be covered with a full thickness skin graft. Regional flaps are also suitable  for other body areas as for example for the lower leg (the reverse flow island sural flap). As specialists in the field of microsurgically tissue transfers our Clinic for Plastic Surgery and Hand Surgery in Berlin covers the whole spectrum of tissue flaps in Plastic surgeries.

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