Nerve compression syndromes

All nerve compressions syndromes requiring surgery should be microsurgically operated with the use of surgical loupe ( magnifying) glasses . It is advised to obtain information about the surgeon and his skills in this field before any operation. Even outpatient surgical procedures require  a surgeon who is trained in microsurgery and who has specialised in the field of  Hand surgery .

Carpal tunnel syndrome

Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when the median nerve is being compressed as a result of a narrowed carpal tunnel. Through this compression nerve damages can develop that can lead in the long run to a paralysis of the thumb and to a loss of sensation of the thumb, index and middle fingers. It is advised to see a doctor as soon as the classic symptoms appear ( night awakening with tingling and prickling of the fingers and thumb) in order to avoid permanent consequences. The operation of the carpal tunnel syndrome can be operated on an outpatient basis and consists of the cutting of the carpal ligament and release ( neurolysis) of the median nerve. Eligible cases can also be treated endoscopically.

Cubital tunnel syndrome (Ulnar neuropathy)

Cubital tunnel syndrome refers to a compression or traction of the ulnar nerve because of a stenotic tunnel along its course in the elbow area where the nerve is in contact with the bone ( the funny bone). This could lead to permanent paraesthesias of the ring and small finger and also to a paralysis of the hand musculature with a loss of important muscles and the formation of a claw hand. Should such a compression syndrome be present, a release of the nerve should follow as soon as possible. An endoscopisch procedure is also possible but not appropriate for every case.

Guyon’s canal syndrome

The ulnar nerve can also present functional disturbances and sensory disturbances as it passes through a tunnel in the wrist. In case of such a compression syndrome, a release of the ulnar nerve through a minimally invasive entry point is possible.

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