Hand Surgery

Hand Surgery is performed from Plastic Surgeons and Orthopaedics/ Trauma Surgeons that carry the additional title `Hand Surgeon`. In our clinic, with its long experience on this field, Hand Surgery is carried out by the Head of the Department personally and his attendent surgeons. Our spectrum of operations covers the entire field of Hand Surgery and Plastic Surgery including all selective and emergency operations. Following, all major operations of the hand provided from us are being pointed out . Should you have questions, do not hesitate to contact us or book an appointment during our consultation hours in our Clinic in Berlin.

Operative Spectrum in Hand Surgery:

Emergencies and accidents with soft tissue, tendon or nerve damages

Surgical treatment of flexor and extensor tendons, ring ligaments stenosis/ trigger finger

Complex bone and ligament injuries of the wrist (scaphoid fractures,scaphoid-lunate dissociations, lunate bone necrosis etc.)

Arthroscopy of the wrist

Motor reconstructive operations in the case of paresis of the hand ( tendontransfers)

Nerve compression syndromes ( carpal tunnel syndrome, Guyon’s canal syndrome, cubital tunnel syndrome)

Burns of the hand ( acute and chronic phase)

Osteoarthritis (of the thumb saddlejoint, of the proximal and distal phalanges etc.)

Joint protheses of the fingers and wrist

Restoration of the nerves of the arm, hand and fingers

Tumor resection operations of the hand (benign and malignant tumors of the hand)

Childhood malformations of the hand (syndactyly, doublethumb, thumb hypoplasia, short arms etc.)

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