The hands, being the outermost part of the upper extremities, are in constant contact with our environment. Whether we’re just gesturing or during functional tasks, they always act as an eye-catcher and characterize us as a whole. The aging processes affects our bodies and the appearance of our hands as well. Features typical to aging hands are several-fold, present to various degrees and can cause frustration. The skin of the back of the hands can become thinner, the hands can lose their firmness, wrinkle, appear wasted, reveal tendons and joint protrusions and fill with brown spots. In these cases, a firmer and younger appearance of the hands can be achieved through a targeted, few mm thick, skin removal of the overlying hand skin. Additionally, fat can be harvested from the abdomen and injected in the back of the hands. In doing so the hands appear fuller and their youthful appearance is restored.

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