The wrist is composed of 8 different bones. Fractures of the scaphoid bone are not uncommon since it plays an important role in the mechanical function of the hand. Often a scaphoid fracture can fail to heal and can lead to a formation of a false joint ( pseudarthrosis). Ambiguous complaints after a remote trauma of the wrist are highly suspicious of such a condition. In our Clinic for Hand and Plastic Surgery in Berlin we provide treatments for all kinds of fractures and pathologic changes of the wrist ( including arthritis. ligament instability etc.).

Metacarpal region

A Boxer-fracture is often identified in this region. It refers to a transverse neck fracture of the fifth metacarpal bone. We provide treatments for all  fractures/ fracture consequences and employ always minimally invasive and tissue-conserving procedures so that all underlying structures ( tendons, ligaments etc.) are spared and protected.

Finger fractures

Various injury mechanisms can lead to fractures of the proximal up to the distal phalanges. These can be expressed in different ways so that in each case a different corresponding therapeutic approach is indicated. Not every fracture needs to be operated. Displaced fractures , complex fractures and open fractures are operated. We advice a prompt referral ( look under acute care) in order to avoid any possible consequential damages.

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