Often protruding, prominent or disfigured ears can cause children problems when teased and rejected from peers. The ear correction (also known as otoplasty or ear pinning) is performed often in the early childhood (preschool age) but is also possible later on in adulthood. During this procedure the malformation of the ear cartilage frame is corrected a new cartilage fold reconstructed. After the procedure, a forehead bandage including the ears has to be worn for three weeks. The procedure leads generally to a stable and harmonic result so that all teasing and other stigmatization cease to exist. Otoplasty is also indicated for other ear malformations as well like absence of specific or all even all parts of the ear (congenital microtia). These malformations can be corrected by using parts from other body regions (for example ribs, cartilage from the opposite ear etc.) and in this way the integrity and external aspect of the ear can be restored.

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