Breast cancer can often lead to necessary surgical procedures that result in a partial or full breast loss (ablation). After such operations most women want to receive a breast reconstruction so that their personal body image can be restored. There are various procedures available for the reconstruction of the female breast after breast cancer.  The silhouette of the cancer treated breast can be restored after cancer has been eradicated. This can be accomplished mainly with two ways. Either by using foreign-body materials, like silicon implants, or either by employing autologous compatible body tissue that guarantee a long lasting result. Before choosing and deciding for the appropriate procedure for the breast reconstruction, comprehensive information concerning all the therapeutic possibilities that modern plastic surgery has to offer should be given to the patient. The personal wishes and fears of the patient have to be taken into consideration in order to formulate the appropriate treatment plan which will guide surgeon and patient. Our Clinic of Plastic Surgery in Berlin specializes in breast reconstruction employing microsurgical techniques and offers simultaneously a wide infrastructure consisting of psychologists, physiotherapists and co-working gynecologists in order to provide a holistic therapeutic concept and approach concerning the reconstruction of the female breast after breast cancer.

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