The acute treatment of burns refers to local treatment measures like cooling and the use of various ointments and supportive materials that prevent the consequent need of large surgical procedures. The surgical ablation of the superficial skin layers and their coverage with synthetic or biologic dressings ( silicon, fatty gauze, human amniotic membrane etc.) consist acute treatment measures as well. Skin transplantation is only in rare cases necessary (severe burns and scalding).  In our Clinic for Plastic Surgery in Berlin we treat all burn injuries. Since all burns and scalds do not require a surgical treatment, an early patient presentation is extremely important for an proper estimation. Additional to this, a long experience in a Burn Center for severe burns is important (look under Prof. Sinis). If an early presentation is not possible, a follow up control can be also necessary and beneficial. Feel free to contact us and express your concerns so that an appropriate, satisfying cosmetic result can be achieved without delaying the treatment.

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